47 module updates!

Before I go and mess up a good working older distro, version 1.818.210.58-1, I am simply asking if all of these modules will work satisfactorily on my older version of the distro.

Of course I can install them one by one and see, but it sure nice if someone has had joy or pain!



I’m interested in this as well. My FreePBX Fraemwork is running at The modules that are available for update are 2.11.X

phonebook (current:
timeconditions (current:
outroutemsg (current:
callback (current:
printextensions (current:
dictate (current:
miscapps (current:
bulkdids (current:
javassh (current:
donotdisturb (current:
conferences (current:
blacklist (current:
callforward (current:
asterisk-cli (current:
pbdirectory (current:
languages (current:
userpaneltab (current:
vmblast (current:
featurecodeadmin (current:
bulkextensions (current:
setcid (current:
weakpasswords (current:
queueprio (current:
campon (current:
asteriskinfo (current:
miscdests (current:
paging (current:
phpagiconf (current:
pinsets (current:
customappsreg (current:
irc (current:
manager (current:
disa (current:
callwaiting (current:
iaxsettings (current:
daynight (current:
logfiles (current:
restart (current:
speeddial (current:
backup (current:
music (current:
findmefollow (current:
fw_ari (current:
customcontexts (current:
phpinfo (current:
announcement (current:

Any developers want to chime in… ??

A version of a specific module has nothing to do with the core version of FreePBX.

So module xyz can be a 2.11 version but is supported on 2.10 Core.

Excellent. Thank you for the clarification.

With the security vulerability out there - I was a bit terrified to install all of those 2.11 modules on top of 2.10 FreePBX

Thanks a bunch for the info!

Just an update, all modules updated just fine. The only hiccup was the bad symlink reported in the system status page, but just delete the warning since everything done was intentional.

Woops! Renamed the symlink file, logger.conf as it was not identical to core/etc/logger.conf. One byte off. So in about 12 hours or so I will see if the system will do the automatic symlink.