407 response no second Invite

I am using Issabel. The trunk is registering fine on my ISTN equipment. I have inbound calls. On outbound call, Issabel receives 407 response asking for authentication. Instead of sending second Invite with credentials, it sends back Ack and closes the connection. How can I make it respond with second Invite with credentials?
Here is my config:

This is what happens in the debug:
DEBUG[2510][C-00000037]: chan_sip.c:4569 __sip_ack: Acked pending invite 102
[2024-03-25 21:51:47] DEBUG[2510][C-00000037]: chan_sip.c:4585 __sip_ack: Stopping retransmission on ‘[email protected]’ of Request 102: Match Found
[2024-03-25 21:51:47] DEBUG[2510][C-00000037]: chan_sip.c:23914 handle_response_invite: SIP response 407 to standard invite
[2024-03-25 21:51:47] DEBUG[2510][C-00000037]: chan_sip.c:3801 __sip_xmit: Trying to put ‘ACK sip:359’ onto UDP socket destined for xx.xx.xx.xx:5060
[2024-03-25 21:51:47] DEBUG[2510][C-00000037]: chan_sip.c:22943 do_proxy_auth: Auth attempt 1 on INVITE
[2024-03-25 21:51:47] NOTICE[2510][C-00000037]: chan_sip.c:24295 handle_response_invite: Failed to authenticate on INVITE to ‘sip:[email protected];tag=as0b9f4776’
[2024-03-25 21:51:47] DEBUG[2510][C-00000037]: chan_sip.c:3457 sip_alreadygone: Setting SIP_ALREADYGONE on dialog [email protected]
– SIP/vmobile-00000058 is circuit-busy
[2024-03-25 21:51:47] DEBUG[2633][C-00000037]: channel.c:2566 ast_hangup: Channel 0x3027e70 ‘SIP/vmobile-00000058’ hanging up. Refs: 2

Perhaps you are in the wrong forum, this is for FreePBX not Issabel

Issabel is just another gui for FreePBX.

Correction, they are both GUI’s for Asterisk, once upon a time before it was Issabel, it was Elastix which was an abandoned fork-up of FreePBX 2.something. Here we do 15 16 and 17.

Здрасти Приятел, виждам че този ИП е от София, Сип-407 грешката показва или грешен ти е Паролата или Сип Достафчика та страна Прокси има някаква промяна.
Провери с тях паролата си. и може би те са ти блокирали по някавия начин. Можеби твоя ип е Блокирана.



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Здравей, Шахин! Thank you for your reply! I checked with them already. They approve my registration string which holds the same credentials with no problem. They say everything is correct, but they expect from my side a resubmit of the invite along with credentials. This is the expected behavior according to RFC3261 as well - “When the originating UAC receives the 407, it SHOULD, if it is able, re-originate the request with the proper credentials.” For some reason, no resubmit happens.

Even if there is a bug, it will not get fixed as part of the Asterisk or FreePBX projects, as chan_sip is not receiving bug fixes (and it is not in Asterisk 21, at all). Generally, if anything breaks with chan_sip, you should move to chan_pjisip.

It’s also possible that Issabel is using an unsupported version of Asterisk and/or that they have patched it. A quick search suggests they may be using Asterisk 16, which isn’t supported, except, possibly, by them.

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Correct place for Issabel questions: https://forum.issabel.org/

Thank you. I will consider moving to something else.

You are already here.