401 Unauthorized after REGISTER received


I installed latest version of FreePBX: Stable 10.13.66

If Asterisk receives a REGISTER from Subscriber, Asterisk answers with
401 Unauthorized

In Settings / Advanced Settings under Device Settings
I switched “Require Strong Secrets” to "No"
No change in behavior. Asterisk still send “401 Unauthorized”

In Applications / Extensions / Add Extension / Add New Custom Extension
I generated a new “User Extension” and let the “Password For New User” empty
I klick on Submit and
I get an exception: “Password can not be blank”

Is it not possible to switch password checking off ?
Is there an additional switch somewhere ?

Firstly, weak passwords (or no password) is a VERY bad idea - leaves you wide open to being hijacked - your SIP provider won’t be sympathetic: they’ll just send you the bill for thousands of dollars.

Where is the 401 message appearing? Have you traced the registration attempt in the CLI with verbose set high? Failed registration should give the actual reason in there.