4 messages are queued on this machine and have not been delivered

On the dashboard I see some “waiting” email messages.
I searched a bit and found this article
But I do not have sysadmin pro. is there any way I can configure outgoing email without using Pro? (I am still testing FreePBX and don’t want to pay anything yet…) Thanks a lot

this should help

if not let us know and we’ll update the article



will do.

The file mentioned in that article (/etc/postfix/sasl_passwd) does not exist. So, I have created it containing one line:
actualhostname [email protected]:password
I modified main.cf and added the the lines on that article, run postfix restart. deleted the mail queue, still not working.

Essentially my issue was with having the wrong permissions on sasl_passwd. I changed owner of the file to postfix and provided 744 permissions.

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