3 way calling with two external calls - Create conference bridge's dynamically

Ok so I was approached by a customer with a scenario.

In this scenario we will be calling the inbound caller “Sally Wrinkles”, the Local FPBX extension “1101” user “Bob White”, and lastly the external 3rd party “Steve’s Glass Repair”.

Sally Wrinkles calls into the FPBX and is routed to Bob White who answers the phone. He works with Sally and needs to transfer her to her local glass company “Steve’s Glass Repair”. Now Bob would like to do one keycode to produce this this conference bridge between Sally and Bob and Steve’s Glass Repair. He would like to be able to talk to Sally and Steve’s Glass Repair at the same time and then drop off the call allowing Sally and Steve’s Glass Repair to finish the call.

This is my scenario names and descriptions have been changed. But the call flow and setup is exactly what i am looking to allow.

Since Bob is using a PC program to answer calls and transfer calls they have a programmed button to allow him to transfer calls to Steve’s Glass Repair that gets used hourly. I can do a *2(Insert DID for Steve’s Glass Repair here) but that transfers the call. What they want is to do an conference transfer. Like on my Yealink phones. Transfer On Conference Hang up.

I know i need to start looking at creating a custom dialplan but i wanted to reach out to the forums to see if anyone has ever had this scenario.

The simplest way is to do an Attended Transfer and just stay on the line.

Problem is Bob doesn’t want to stay on the line. He needs to answer more calls from other users.

Then terminate the transfer. If you make him the owner of a conference, when he drops, the conference drops. Attended Transfer allows him to stay on as long as he wants, then drop and leave the call to the two recipients.

The only tricky part is that I don’t know if you can use an Outbound phone number - you may need to set up a block of Miscellaneous Extensions for outside calls that you want to use.

Right. Thats what i do on Yealink or Sangoma or Aastra phones. But since he is tracking all calls through his application i need a #code to call external numbers to build the bridge. And then drop the call.

I was thinking of writing a dialplan that does the following.

Sally = 1
Bob = 2
Steve = 3

1 calls 2
2 does a #66615555555555

#666 issues a dialplan that

creates a random conference bridge in a range of 9000-9100
verify’s the conference bridge isn’t currently built
transfers current call to new conference bridge 9905
calls 15555555555
transfers 15555555555 to 9905
calls 9905

Now all 3 are talking and 1 2 or 3 can drop off at any moment

If no one is in the conference bridge the bridge is tore down.

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