3 second delay on incoming calls


we are using Trixbox 1.2.3 with a Digium TE120P E1 card in the UK.

I have found that when an incoming call arrives on our E1 line, it takes about 3 seconds before the call is presented to the queue, so callers hear about 3 seconds of silence before the hear the Queue welcome message.

In zapata.conf there is a setting “immediate=no”. I have changed this to “immediate=yes” and the incoming call is presented much more quickly, however all of my DID routes stop working and all incoming calls are delivered to the “Any DID/Any CLI” destination.

I have also tried setting “Extension of fax maxhine to receive incoming calls” to disabled, but no joy.

Does anyone know how I can speed up the delivery of incoming calls?

Thanks in advance,


It takes 2 rings for the system to catch CID if you do not catch CID then the routing will not work.

As for the silence I would look at your Dail p;an as they should hear ringing and then the announcement should play…

post your log of when the silence is heard.

Thanks - I will run a log later when the system is quiet and post it then.

As regards the number of rings to catch CID, I can see how this is the case with analogue lines but as this is an ISDN line I would not expect there to be any timer implications like this?



Umm, sorry but can you please tell me the best way to get a good logfile that I can post?

I have tried the Asterisk Logfiles in Freepbx but there seems to be very little information there?

Sorry to be so dunb