2x forwarding

Hello Sirs, I have an issue with freepbx and call forwarding. Specifically, when an external person calls the reception on a Yealink T34U VoIP phone, the secretary forwards the call to another Yealink phone, and then that phone has call forwarding to a mobile phone. The last forwarding to the mobile phone is not working. Interestingly, if we replace the Yealink with a Cisco phone, the forwarding works. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Direct forwarding from Yealink to the mobile phone works fine; the problem arises with the second forwarding. I hope I’ve explained it clearly.

You would need to explain your callflow. Does the extension have find me follow me to the cellphone or is the forwarding done via the Yealink software?

The forwarding is done through Yealink. In the configuration, the user manually enters their phone number on the phone. What’s the deal with the “Find me follow me” function? It’s strange that it works on Cisco phones.

Not really, they probably invoke the forwarding differently. Find Me Follow me is on the FreePBX side, so it is not endpoint specific.

PBX GUI : Follow Me Module (sangoma.com)
PBX GUI : Follow Me User Guide (sangoma.com)

You will probably need to look at your end point and call logs to find out what is happening on the Yealink calls, if you want to keep going that route.

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