24/7 Support Wake-up Call

Hi Guys,

We are currently looking into the possibility of using FreePBX to make an outbound call to our on Call Support Agents. What we are looking to do is the following;

Have a customer call a dedicated number, then have our phone system (FreePbx 15) make an outbound call to a Agent, if that agent answers them press 1 to acknowledge the call. If no answer or no acknowledgement for the call to be attempted again (with a delay of 15 minutes). If this happens more than twice two then call a different number.

Firstly my question is, is this something that is possible and what have been users experience with this?

Is it possible to expand this so that dates and shifts can be provided too?

If this is possible does anyone have an example the could share to give me an idea of what needs to be implemented?

I hope this make sense to everyone.

Any pointers will be much appreciated.


The commercial module Voicemail Notify does this out if the box.


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