23Gb in /tmp

Have a system with a full hard drive and see 23GB used up in the /tmp directory. The bulk of it is files named: core.freepbx.sangoma.local-2021-09-16T06:01:54-0500 at 150MB a pop.

What are these files and can I delete them?


Are you using Sangoma D or P series phones with DPMA? If so, that’s probably the cause and they can be deleted. We’re actively investigating the crash.

yes, D series…

They are crash dump files, used to debug Asterisk when it fails catastrophically. In general you would want to analyze them to see why Asterisk is crashing, but Joshua is assuming that there is only one cause, in this case, and it is already known.

Yes, from a FreePBX perspective that’s the only constant crash which would result in so many core dumps that I’m aware of.

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