2023 - Ringback on long hold Sangoma Talk & Devices

Hello All,

I have read through some of the older posts, and looked through menu options and not found a solution.
Is there a way when I put a person on hold (not parking lot) to have it ring my phone after 1 minute, to insure we don’t leave the client hanging on the phone too long, and then dropping calls.


This is an endpoint/device feature, not an Asterisk side feature, so it would depend on which one you are referring to.

I didn’t take that into consideration, I’ll visit the device settings.

I realized some of these extensions are Sangoma Desktop App and I’m not seeing anything there…

In the past I’d used this, I’m not sure it was ever all that reliable (but I had other system wide issues at the time)

Other (probably better ways) to handle this:

  • per extension voicemail
  • set the findme/followme no answer destination for each extension to an appropriate place (reception extension, site wide voicemail etc)
  • use call parking
  • have the attendant call ahead before transferring
  • attended transfers

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