20 second ring timeout

Hi all,

Currently running FPBX 16 Asterisk 18 and have an extension that after ringing for 20 seconds hangs up with ‘Nobody picked up after 20 seconds’

This is a standard extension with no voicemail, no custom forwards, no optional destinations however somewhere it’s set to ring for 20 seconds then hang up. No others seem to do this.

Looking at the logs I see ‘dial-one,20,trw,7805’ where others have ‘dial-one,trw,xxxx’

I can’t see where the 20 is being set from as comparing it through the UI it’s set identical to the others

I’ve just found the cause, wondering if it’s by design?

Under advanced (on this extension) I have Not Reachable set to forward to another extension, apologies I should have made this clear in my first post. No Answer and Busy is set to the default of Unavail Voicemail if Enabled. If I set Not reachable back to the default it clears ‘dial-one,trw,7805’ but if I set just the Not Reachable it puts a 20 second ring limit on. I can increase it by changing the default ring timer against the extension

If you are curious on if it is a bug or not, only Sangoma will be able to tell you that definitively. You’d need to submit a bug report.

System Dashboard - Sangoma Issue Tracker (freepbx.org)

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