*2 Transfer to ring group

I have a ring group with several extensions. I want to be able to transfer someone I am speaking with to the ring group and announce the call. I am guessing I need to create a custom extension and map it to the ring group???

Any assistance is appreciated…


I think you misunderstood (or I screwed up explaining it)…

I just want to do an attended transfer. Normally I *2 to an extension. When they pick up I say … so and so is on the line and hang up…

I want to do the same thing using the ring group to find someone available. My ring group round robins until it finds and available phone. I can call the ring group simply by dialing extension 600 (the group) but can not transfer to it.

Someone had told me I needed to create a custom extension that goes to that group and do it that way. But… he does not use FreePbx and could not tell me how to do it without using overrides. I would rather do it in FreePbx…

Transfering to a ring group wont really work. Let say you transfer to the group Employee A lets his phone ring 3 times and employee B let hers ring 5 times before picking up. How is the announcement going to work?

Use call parking to place the call on hold, then make a page group up with the extension you want to announce the call to. This is how I do it at one of our locations.

Let me know if you need held setting this up.


well the below is slightly off topic but if I could get past this barrier, I might be able to have a look to see why you can’t just transfer to the ring-group.

It appears that there is either an issue with *2 attended transfer or some of us just don’t know how to do it properly. See the following outstanding ticket:


So assuming we are doing it right there, can you let us know for starters what version of FreePBX you are on, and what version of Asterisk that your attended transfer is working properly?

Did you explore the Follow Me route? You can make up an SIP extension like 601 (not a ring group or use any number) then save the edit it and in the Device Options section next to ‘dial’ where it’ll say SIP/601 or whatever replace it with SIP/<> then add a Follow Me setting to that (601) ext and enter the rest of the ring group extensions along with the the one you entered in dail section. If you mess with the settings like ring time maybe you can get it to work the way you want. Seems sloppy but I would like to see if you can get it to work.

where it says SIP/<> it should have said

replace it with SIP/ an extension in your ring group

Asterisk 1.4 from a fresh AsteriskNow install… Freepbx upgraded thru modules to core…

*2 tranfer works properly and I can call ring group just fine. Put the two together and it wont work…

Don’t know if it makes a differance but all our phones are IAX…


did you have a look at the ticket? Was the procedure I outlined to do an attended transfer correct? And please be more specific, which Asterisk 1.4 version.