2 questions about forwarding and voicemail

dear team,

i have created a time condition for my mainnumber 1000.
this is reachable from 09am - 4pm.

i have 3 extensions, they are doing the following:
09am - 4pm is ringing, and redirect to mailbox ***
after this time, direct to the mailbox.

so is it possible for (***) to redirect back to the main number in the time condition?
only forward do the voicemail after 4pm?

and one 2nd question:
i had a voicemail without a used extension for mailbox (timecondition main number).
if a message is on the mailbox, is it possible do tell this all extensions (redirect this message do one or more extensions?

thank you very very much.

many greets

Time conditions:

9-4 - send calls to queue or ring group. On failure, route to ‘standard’ mailbox (*800, for example). Variations on this include setting up ring group to go back to main number, or other locations.

Other times, route calls to ‘standard’ mailbox (*800, for example).

U can change the standard voicemail settings in your extension settings, on tab voicemail change the value to the value of the mailbox you want to monitor,

That way you should be able to see (depends if your phone allows it) whetever there is a message