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Hi. I am new to Freepbx and need a solution with 2 cordless phones running off one base station. We have an 8 port Digium card connected to 8 PSTN lines. I have 2 siemens gigaset a510 connected to 1 base station(same ip address). The phones talk to each other but I can’t get a line outbound on one phone if the other phones is on an external call…

Any suggestions?


The Siemens Gigaset A510 IP is a HD sound DECT phone which can be used with both VoIP and analog lines. With its dual connectivity the A510 IP has the ability to handle 3 calls simultaneously, 2 VoIP and 1 analog, and allows you to switch between them with the press of a button.

Are you using the SIP or analog connection? Do you have an extensio setup for each handset.

I am using a sip connection from the base stations to freepbx. We have taken out all the analog connections on the base stations. The only analogue connections are the PSTN connections into the Asterisk box.
I was hoping to use 2 different phones on 1 base station and they can operate indepently. They have their own extension number.
Hope that explain my issue better.


Hi there.

i have one Gigaset base station and two phones (Gigaset A510) connected to said base station. Each Phone has been assigned its own extension in freepbx and has been configured as so on the base station. Each handset uses its own extension for outgoing and incoming calls.

The issue arrises during transferring of a call, specifically an attended transfer.

Example :
External call rings “Ext 1” which is answered. Thereafter, Ext 1 uses “R” key to initiate an attended transfer. Immediately on Ext 2, the message “IP lines in use” appears on screen and Ext 2 is therefore busy (If you try and dial Ext 2 during attended transfer process you reach busy message).

Therefore, i have not yet been able to successfully complete an attended transfer between the two handsets.

Is there a solution for this ?

Thank you,

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Hi plettonline,

Are you find any solution for this issue? i have same problem… Thanks