2 outbound routes : 1 for all, another for only one country


Sorry for my bad English.

I have one outbound routes for all calls. The dial patterns is : .

I would like to use the SIP of my internet provider for Japan Call. The prefix is 81, users must compose 0081XXXXXX to call someone in Japan.

How can configure Trixbox to put this solution please ?

I must add another trunk and configure a new route in outbound routes, have i good ?

Please, can you help me to configure my wish with example if possible ?

I am starting in Trixbox.

Have a nice day.

Yes. You just create an outbound route that triggers on 0081XXXXXX and point it to the trunk you want to use. You’d want to place that outbound before your regular trunk in the trunk list.

Trixbox is an old and obsolete distribution. It is no longer supported. You should seriously consider switching to a supported distro.



Thank you very much.

How can verify Japan Calls are routed on “second” SIP please ?

I found anything in the logs related to routes.

The GUI based CDR report does not seem to show that information, but it is captured in the “full” log. Which, i believe is “/var/log/asterisk/full”.

If you go to the linux command line and issue the command:

tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full | less

Make a few calls using both trunks, you should be able to scroll through the output and verify which trunk is being used.