2 of 4 lines on external SIP phone keep dropping

I have a FreePBX 13.0.38 / Asterisk 13 system that, otherwise is working perfectly. I have a Grandstream GXP2160 phone that supports 6 separate connections. Four of them are peer extensions on my FreePBX. All four are configured identically, both on the phone and on the PBX (except for ports and, on the PBX side, routing – each goes to a different trunk.

Two of the four have no problem connecting. However, the other two continually get dropped. If I reboot the phone or re-load FreePBX, they’ll connect for awhile, but then will drop out. Sometimes, they’ll re-connect after awhile, but they’ll drop out again. The two problem peer extensions both drop out at the same time and re-connect at the same time. I’ve tried different ports, but the result is always the same, and always the same to lines on the GXP2160.

Also, one weird thing that, I assume, is unrelated, and that’s the log entry that shows presence information received from ‘[email protected]’. The client indicated in my log (blurred out) is a Google Voice line which, otherwise, is working perfectly. I’m guessing that the phone number I got from Google was in use by someone else and they never bothered to remove it from their phone though they dropped the Google Voice number?

Any help would be appreciated. I’m not exactly a novice, but I’m completely self-taught about SIP, VOIP and FreePBX.


This is because someone has added you to their “buddy” list on Google but you haven’t added them. So “they” (google) are alerting you to the fact that their presence has changed but they aren’t in your roster (buddy list)

I’m confused – this is a SIP message to my PBX. I don’t know this person (and I don’t have a buddy list – I don’t even know what that is). Why can someone I don’t know send a presence message to via SIP to my PBX?

my guess is that nnn3 and nnn5 are currently vying for each other on the registration forwarding rules on either the remote or local firewall, they need isolate ip/port rules for all endpoints remapped through the firewall.

If you don’t use xmpp/cxpanel/isymphony , then disable/remove them

No. It’s not. This is an XMPP message. It comes from res_xmpp. It is not SIP.

Already answered this.

Yes. You do. You said you have google voice. To have google voice means you have a google account. Google voice is done over xmpp which is typically a chat service. Login to gmail and you will see a buddy list to the left

Ah, I see. I found my buddy list – no one is in it. I’ve uninstalled xmpp as dicko suggested above so I hope it will stop.


I’ve removed all three, but still have the problem. Unfortunately, the remote phone is at work and I don’t have access to the firewall there. My hardware firewall port forwards the range of ports that includes these lines, and the FreePBX firewall has the remote IP address set as trusted. Is there anything else I can try?

Please make sure you are reading what I wrote. No one needs to be in it. It’s because someone added you to their list and they aren’t in yours.

Ah, got it. Thanks, Andrew.

Hi @ptravel,
Hi all,

i have the same problem as you:
From 4 phones in total one phone is regularly dropping from online to offline; unfortunately the phone is more offline than online.

On the other hand all inbound or outbound trunks are constantly online as well as the other phones.
I discovered this problem today. (Maybe it started after my upgrade to FreePBX 13 which i have done last saturday?)

The FreePBX-Server is running on a vServer at a public ISP.
Two of the phones (140 [working] / 470 [phone with problems]) are on the same site (at home) using the same internet connection. So I assume this couldn`t be (only) a network connection issue.

There were no changes to the firewall or the used hardware.

Best regards,

Same problem on all our servers that have been upgraded to FreePBX 13 :confused:

Still looking for a fix.

Nothing :confused: Anybody else out there experiencing this? I’m not finding any solutions.

UPDATE: So I deleted the extensions (saving their Secret’s beforehand), and re-created them, pasting in their original Secrets, simply to save the time of having to re-provision the phones, and they stopped flapping.

This is great, but it’s unfortunate that these particular extensions started doing this for no apparent reason.

Same problem here. I upgraded to try and get away from it on 6.12.65 with asterisk 11. And am having the same problem with 10.13.66. it was mentioned in another thread that it will move from phone to phone on a restart and seems to affect yealink phones more than others. We only have yealink phones so I can’t speak to other phones.

I will try your reregister trick and see if I can get it to do phones that are less important.

Yup, we had the issue soon after the upgrade (a couple days). I did what I explained under my last post, and the issue went away. It randomly started happening again on a few different extensions weeks later. There were no upgrades/updates processed in the time frame.

Very strange. I hope this can be resolved soon.

Asterisk bug https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-25476

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I have found a useful hint in this thread: Extensions unregistering and registering

This is what helped me:

  1. First run asterisk-version-switch and select Asterisk 11; this will result in Asterisk 11.20

  2. Run yum downgrade asterisk11*; this will result in Asterisk 11.19

  3. Delete all extensions and recreate them (save passwords beforehand)


The latest update at least for the 10 track(10.13.66-7) seems to have resolved it. I have not found any other issues with it but am keeping an eye out.


Just upgraded to 66-7. I’ll follow up in a few days to report.