2 numbers on 2 trunks to one extension

i am new here and i have a little issue.

the scenario :

i have 2 Did numbers (one is from voip.ms and is a las vegas NV number)
the other is a Local +31(020) number from a different provider

So 2 trunks and 2 numbers, 2 inbound routes and 2 outbound routes but to 1 extension
i have Clearly anywhere softphone app on my mobile phone registered to extension 200
and a yealink T48S as a deskphone (also registered on extension 200)

what i want :

if a caller calls on the las vegas number i want to see that it is from that number
same goes for the local number

but if i want to call out i want to be able to choose if i call via the las vegas number (and also that trunk/line) or the local number trunk/line

this is because if i call with the las vegas number in the netherlands ill be broke in one day :stuck_out_tongue:

how to do that? do i need the extension routing module for that? or do i need 2 extensions.

You could split it onto two different extensions, but why that complicated?
I’d set up an outbound route that distinguishes between the country code and sends your calls to the right trunk.
I would use a default number (the trunk you’ll use the most often) and for the other trunk you could just use a prefix, so that it removes this prefix and sends the call through the other trunk.

Maybe have a look at this:

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Thank you :+1:t2:

Works perfectly

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