2 Locations 1 System

I am new to open source PBXs…I have a customer that has 2 locations in the Los Angeles area. Currently, Location A has the system…there are phones at both location A and location B. The system is an Free PBX Open Source 2.2.3 I believe. Anyhoo, both sites are working fine. I tried to move a phone from Location A to Location B and now…I get dial tone but can not dial anything (extensions or outside). I thought it might be a LAN switch port setting so I connected the phone to a working port and still nothing.

What am I missing?


How are the two locations connected together? VPN or just plain internet?

It sounds like the phone you moved is not registering. Probably the phone is trying to register to the internal IP address of location A, but now needs to register to the external IP address of Location A. Check the registration settings for the phones at location B and make the moved phone the same.


I checked the setting on the physical phone (not in programming but on the phone display itself) of a working station at Location B and compared those to the settings on the phone in question and they are identical. The strange part is that I get dial tone on the non-working phone, but can not dial out…so you’re correct, it looks like it is not registering.

Is there a setting in any of the .conf files that I should look for?

Thank you…

Hi All,

I have new info…When looking at each phone on site…I pulled up the phone menu and went under the Status/platform/configuration menu and found the difference between a working phone and a non-working phone…there are 4 files on each phone:

Working phone:

Non-Working phone:

How do I get rid of the site2OFFSITE.cfg file and set this extension up with site1.cfg?

Thank you in advance,

Sorry this is beyond my knowledge - what type of phones are they?
You may want to do a search on voip-info.org - I’ve found this to be useful at times for obtaining info on configuring phones with Asterisk.


y2ger2000, you are using Polycom phones. You will need to figure out if you are using http, https, ftp or tftp transfer protocol, then look inside that configuration for a file that has the mac address of that phone 004xxxxxxxxx.cfg where x is (0-9,a-f). You’ll need to pull the Mac off the phone to figure it out. Once you find that edit that file and find the reference to site2OFFSITE.cfg and change it to site1.cfg.

These are config files that the phone reads on start to configure themselves.

After that it should work.

I think I’d try to configure up something simple like the XLITE or Zoiper softphone on a laptop and see if you can get it to register at the remote site.
That way you can determine if it’s the network or the phone. Either of these is LOTS easier to configure than a Polycom. Once you have the softphone working, then use what you’ve learned to assist in configuring the Polycom.


Bill, He has a working config for a remote and local Polycom phone. The issue seems to be that he doesn’t know where to edit the config for the extension taht was taken from the remote site to the local site. That of course would be the .cfg file, which currently has a include for the site2OFFSITE.cfg file in it and needs to just change it to the site1.cfg file to make things work.

But in that I don’t know if his phones are setup for ftp downloads, in which case he has to go to one location, tftp which would be /tftpboot or http(s) which would be /var/www/html/…

Right. I think that’s the problem too, but still, I think I’d want a clear indication that there wasn’t a network issue too. When I do trouble shooting on a “system” and I really don’t mean just a phone system, but any complex system…I like to break it down and test individual subsystems. That way you’re not chasing more than one problem at a time. Sometimes troubleshooting can be like herding cats.


Thank you all for your input…I was able to finally get into the FTP server and change the file to the appropriate site there…rebooted the phone and it worked.

Thanks a million for your input.