2 lines, 2 users?

Hi Guys

I just installed a new phone system where i work, and during one of the training sessions, one of my more astute users asked (after explaining user and devices), if it would be possible to log in as as different user on the second line?

The idea being, if the receptionist is out, someone else could log in as her and cover her. Or we could create a general sales/engineering/etc user that customers who had not yet developed a relationship with a particular associate could call.

Is this possible? If not could it be in the future?

If it matters, I’m using polycom 331’s and elastix/freepbx 1.8.


There would be a few ways to accomplish this. The most simple way is to have the receptionist be the operator on the main IVR and use follow-me to ring others if she doesn’t answer. Sounds like a really simple system.

We only use an IVR outside business hours (we do low volume/high value, so a personal touch is key)

Currently we use ring groups to manage short times w/o the receptionist, for holidays we have someone sit in her desk as there is a touchscreen running FOP2 we use as our switch board. The girl that does so would like to be able to log in with here ext one of the rec lines.

The missing receptionist was more of an example case where two users/one phone would be useful, a few others were given. I don’t really have a problem, this is more of an intellectual curiosity.


I only implemented dev&usr so reception could tell who was working. The users however are finding all kinds of handy uses. This is something I said I’d find out for them.

Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re trying to do. You want to have two FOP2 windows running at the same time, one for each user? Simply open a second tab or window in your browser and log in as the other user. Each user can open the fop2 panel and log in as themselves. Just set them up using the FOP User tab.

Want to have more than one person answering the same line when it ring? Set up a ring group. Only want the second person’s phone to ring with the receptionist is out… set the Ring Strategy in the Ring Group.

Want to keep from having someone sitting at her desk on holidays to answer the phone? Create and IVR to direct the calls.

If you’re trying to do something else then I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what it is.

I have 2 line phones.

Is it possible to have a different user on line 2?

The receptionist was just an example.

Here is another:
I’m the IT Guy.

I need to train Steve with Mastercam. Steve will be spending 5hrs per week in my office training on the simulation rig. Could Steve log in to my phone on line 2?

I would then know, any calls on line 2 are for Steve.

I’m talking about using Device and User Mode.

As far as reception, between 8a-4:30p we have no IVR answer, the receptionist answers what ever calls are not direct (everyone has DID). In the interest of good work flow, i set up a touchscreen (>$200 at monoprice) and configured firefox to load FOP2 full screen on that monitor at log in time. That way when a call comes in she doesn’t have to fumble around, just touch touch done.

Someone need to be at reception to sign it/direct visitor etc anyway. The point was, if the person covering could log in there ext on line 4, then any calls to their DID would ring on line 4 and they could response appropriately.

OK. I think I understand what you’re asking and the answer MIGHT be in your phone rather than FreePBX. I don’t know anything about your phone so I can’t say. I know my Grandstream phone allows more than one SIP connection at a time but it doesn’t assign a particular SIP account to a specific line designation as you would prefer.

You said each user has their own DID. What if you configure the incoming route on that DID with a customer CID name prefix and/or Alert Info? That would allow the phone to display information letting the temporary receptionist know it was their DID that was ringing, and would emphasize it with a custom ring tone for that DID. Would that do what you want?

Polycom’s do allow for different registrations per line.

with a 550 you could have line 1 register as x 101 with 3 line appearances… and line 2 as x 201 with one line appearance

buttons 1-3 would be x101
button 4 would be x201