2 LAN interfaces, SDP shows wrong FreePBX IP

Hello !

I have a FreePBX machine with 2 interfaces (eth0 and eth1)

eth0 has IP /24
eth1 has IP /24

I have 2 trunks

  • TRUNK#1 on the internet via (static route to make sure its routed properly)
  • TRUNK#2 on local SBC

Each LAN has its own set of phones, that are on different networks, but share the same FreePBX server and extensions.

Calls coming in or going out from TRUNK#1 on interface eth0 are fine

Calls coming in or going out from TRUNK#2 on interface eth1 have an issue with the SDP in the invite. The SDP line shows the “main” FreePBX IP address from eth0 but eth1 has no route to eth0 for security reasons.

  • I have already added both LAN subnets to my SIP settings

How can i make sure that FreePBX sends the correct IP address in the SDP depending on which network it is sending the SIP INVITE ?

Thanks for your help

Ah … well it seems that a reboot was the solution. Please disregard :slight_smile:

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