2 card setup

hi, first time post. I been playing for a few weeks and am loving this. I want to set up a server with two cards. Card one will have the internet access. Card two will be inside my network…I will have about fifty phone that will be in the set up. The end users Pc will be plugged into the phone, I want all sip traffic to rout to the PIAF server and all web traffic to rout to my out my web filter… How do I set up my PIAF box to only allow SIP traffic out of card one…

I do have two cable modems, both with static IPs. one for the internet access for my network and one for VoIP service…thanks

I do this all the time.

Plug the VoIP cable modem into NIC one. Make the default route on the PIAF system go out the VoIP cable modem. RUN A FIREWALL ON THE PIAF BOX!!!

Set the default route for the PC to go out the Internet cable modem.