2 Asterisk, 1 Sql, howmany FreePBX

Hi everybody

I’m setting up a couple of new asterisk server for my local contact center.

I’m used to save my cdr data to my dedicated sql server.

Now, I need a web interface to check out, realtime, the Asterisk status (queue, logged agents) and, possibliy, to modify some configuration.

Do you think it’s possible to install a FreePbx suite on my webserver, using data from remote mysql and from a remote asterisk?

and what about if the asterisk are more than one? two installation?

thanks for helping us

Hi All,

I was trying to change my password after seeing for a long time “Warning: You are running freePBX and asterisk with the default manager pass. You should consider changing this to something else. (Help)”

I followed the help provided by going to phpMyAdmin, Privileges, asteriskuser and change password. Since I changed the password, anytime I log in with user “maint” I still have to use the old password ‘password’. Also, when I go to FreePBX I get the following error

‘nativecode=Access denied for user ‘asteriskuser’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)] ** mysql://asteriskuser:[email protected]/asterisk’

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?