2 analog phones connected to 1 fxs causes problems

Hello. I would like to ask please
the incoming calls are set to ring to an FXS attached phone
if i attach a second analog phone to this FXS port (with a rj11 switch) the incoming call terminates after one ring. i have tried different switches and phones
can i change something to make it work? (voltage etc)
thank you

Can u elaborate on the rj11 switch you mentioned?? Do you mean a splitter?? If you truely have a simple mechanical rj11 switch this should work without issue. If you have a splitter my guess would be that the fxs port is not providing enough voltage for both phones ringers at the same time.

yes please Mr frank i use a simple rj11 splitter
Is there any option to raise the voltage in the fxs port?

i use an pci-e card with 2 fxo 2 fxs ports
thank you

Well hopefully someone else with more expirrence will chime in but no I don’t believe there is but I never had to research that before. Use each fxs for each of the phones and create a ringroup or use the follow me feature to ring both at the same time

i placed a pap2t and i am able now to connect 3+ analog phones
thank you a lot for your time

On most of the FXS cards I use, there is an additional power input that provides power to the circuits. Even with these, I’ve seen phones whose ringer equivalence was too high to have two of them on the circuit. One of my customers had a real (electromagnetic) ringer that couldn’t share a line with another phone or Caller ID module. Just couldn’t pull enough power for it and everything else.