2.9 beta 2.3 on 1.8.3: lost Recordings and FOP2


I recklessly upgraded FreePBX from 2.8 when I went to 1.8.3 to fix the call transfer bug. Now my clients can transfer, but I have lost the key functions of call recordings (both inside FreePBX and the run script after recording function via shell command) and monitoring via FOP2 (I know - nothing to do this you guys).

If I downgrade manually to 2.8 by reinstalling, will all the database driven shenanigans backtrack nicely and allow file based configurations to resume working?

Thanks guys

PS Noticed that Ticket 4848 might explain why my sendrecordingsbyemail script no longer runs. I think it would be better if the upgrade process hadn’t dumped this parameter! It could have migrated it to its new home…

Hi Philippe,

I updated everything that was being shown as available for update. That ARI Framework didn’t show up as needing update for some reason. It didn’t appear to have been installed previously - although I did have the functionality prior to 2.9…

I didn’t and don’t want to install all the lovely modules I have know idea if I need yet. It makes my brain hurt enough figuring out the minimum I have at the moment… :wink: Sometimes the Descriptions of the modules are somewhat, er, enigmatic for a tadpole.

I’m sure I’ll be posting again with other quirks I have, once I’ve exhausted self help.
I’m off for 10 days now so excuse a slow response to any other post.

Keep pegging away at it.


the feedback is appreciated, there are a lot of areas where the documentation and/or naming conventions are much less than obvious. We actually do care and have been addressing those little by little over time.

I will suggest that when moving to a new (and Beta) revision, you really need to think about updating everything on the system that is made available, at least in the Basic repository, before “pulling your hair out” trying to figure out what is wrong. Once you have done that, you can always back off modules that you don’t want to have.

Never under estimate the power of your users to not understand what your acronyms mean. :slight_smile:

I just installed FreePBX ARI Framework, which was showing as not installed. FYI this Recording Tab worked prior to upgrade from 2.8 to 2.9. So from my end of the telescope, I (as a dump user) would have thought it would still work afterwards.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to help me out. I offered my opinions in the spirit of helping you guys see how it seems to someone not steeped in FreePBX developments…

I now have recordings and FOP2 working.

Regarding the Recordings Tab, I am using CentOS x86_64 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5, Asterisk & FreePBX initially compiled from tarballs.

As of today all modules are fully upgraded:

Core2.9.0beta2.2 Enabled
Feature Code Admin2.9.0.0 Enabled
FreePBX Framework2.9.0beta2.3 Enabled
System Dashboard2.9.0.3 Enabled
Voicemail2.9.0.2 Enabled

Advanced Administration
Bulk DIDs2.9.0.2 Enabled
Bulk Extensions2.9.0.3 Enabled
Custom Applications2.9.0.1 Enabled

Inbound Call Control
Directory2.9.0.5 Enabled
IVR2.9.0.3 Enabled
Queues2.9.0.10 Enabled

Internal Options & Configuration
Info Services2.9.0.0 Enabled
Music on Hold2.9.0.1 Enabled
Parking Lot2.9.0.4 Enabled
Recordings3.3.11.2 Enabled

System Administration
Backup & Restore2.9.0.1 Enabled
Phonebook Not Installed (Locally available)

Third Party Addon
FOP2 Admin1.2.4 Enabled
Text To Speech1.3.1.3 Disabled

The recordings tab is updated by fw_ari module, I don’t see that which could be the problem if you have not updated ARI.

can you open a ticket indicating:

  • how you upgraded (module vs. tarball)
  • the specific setting that was lost at the time of the ugprade

concerning the recordings tab not working, that’ll be a bit tougher as lots of other tests show no problems. What distro are you using (built yourself and what Linux flavor if so, or one of the standard FreePBX distros and which). And have you fully upgraded in Module Admin to the latest framework and fw_ari module’s as there were some early on issues with Recordings but those were taken care of before we ever even went public with the beta.


concerning #4848 that should be migrated and the ticket was closed because we had confirmed that it was being migrated, or at least we thought we confirmed that. The location of the parameter has moved but it should still be there. If it has indeed gone away, then a ticket needs to be filed to revisit that, but check to make sure it is really gone and/or if there is not another issue with it or related to it.

as far as recording, you may want to be more specific as to what the issue is. There was a bug that was setting the monitor directory incorrectly but that has been fixed. Recording should be working and if not, please provide more details such as a trace of a call that you believe should be recorded (and was being recorded before) so we can have a look. And is it just with queues or something else?

Hi Philippe,

I enabled Read only viewing and writing in Advanced Settings. I have restored my recording functionality by re-inserting my call to my shell command to extract the CDR row and email the recording. I can confirm that this parameter did not migrate from 2.8. However, I updated from 1.8 to 1.83 at the same time, so can’t say which caused the loss. As I have now updated, I am unable to retest for this issue.

I can confirm that the Recordings Tab (/recordings/index.php) now loads a new page with empty content - no html. I don’t need to use this so I don’t care bluntly, as the system now once again emails each recording to my QA call analysis box. I recall that this Recordings Tab used to load useful content. The testing I am doing at the moment is just extension to extension recording. I will be testing with trunks and queues and Directory once I get chance.

Out of interest to any lurkers, I have also cured the FOP2 issues by going to /panel rather than /admin/panel.php which hangs.

In summary, I’m largely happy again, but there still seems to be an issue that may bother others…