2.8 downgrade to 2.7 then upgrade to 2.8 problems

A while back I had to restore a full backup of our FreePBX 2.7 system to a fresh piaf distro based on FreePBC 2.8. The 2.7 backup overwrote the 2.8 but now we would like to upgrade to 2.8. To do this we went to Module Admin and selected ‘Check for upgrades on line’ results of which placed ‘2.8 Upgrade Tool’ in the modules table. Trying to install this results in an error in the big orange square that says

“Error(s) installing versionupgrade:”

"A FreePBX version below 2.7.0alpha1 is required, you have 2.7.0"

Any suggestions how we could work around this would be appreciated.

Asterisk 1.4

What version of 2.8 upgrade tool was that? Try to download the latest from here: http://www.freepbx.org/trac/browser/modules/release/2.7/versionupgrade-
Then upload it in Module Admin

Thanks - will give it a go. The the 2.8 tool version says

Hmm, that is the same as in the download link, but that should work as we look if framework is greater or equal to 2.7.0alpha1

I noticed the version was the same - but it worked like a champ. Thanks a lot.