2.7 FAX over both SIP and DAHDI

I’m moving away from NVFax with the move to FPBX 2.7. I have both PRIs and SIP trunks to telco and the SIP is T.38 savvy. FAX calls may arrive to the PBX via either trunk. I have FAX for Asterisk installed with asterisk

In the Incoming Routes I have to select either DAHDI or Sip [sic] but I can’t seem to select both. Is there a way I can select both? Perhaps there’s an ability where I can select “Auto” where it implies both DAHDI and SIP and looks at the channel before selecting the FAX detect technology?

each DID should come in one or the other though, currently you can’t choose both.

I would have to look closer at the dialplan to see what is setup. I believe that choosing SIP may result in both working anyhow (if it were, for example, an any/any route).

Effectively, once you put that ‘Wait()’ time to listen for a fax, if DAHDI or SIP are setup, either should trigger it and the detection should occur. NVFax has always been different as it required an explicit instruction to listen for fax tone.

I just can’t recall if SIP needs to be set somewhere for us to auto-add the proper setting in sip_general_additional.conf or if we do it regardless if 1.6.2+ is running.