2.5Alpha Voicemail issue

I have upgraded a Lab Piaf & my internal production TB to 2.5Alpha.

I have noticed that any new extension created, voicemail will not work.

I can’t log in via *98, it says login incorrect or I just get silence.

Before I log a bug, is anyone else having this issue with new extensions?

I just created a new vm and logged in, seemed fine. (I did it in deviceanduser mode so could be a slight difference although should not. Check you voicemail.conf file, is it creating the entry properly. And are you using a context other than default, in which case you will not be able to login with *98 (on older versions as well)?

Contexts seem to be the issue, but I never had an issue until recently :frowning:

For any new extensionsthe new mailboxes are being created under

also the line it creates is:
xxxx => xxxx,user name,[email protected],attach=yes|saycid=yes|=
xxxx => xxxx,user name,[email protected],attach=yes|saycid=yes|envelope=no|delete=no

I can change the code by hand & amportal restart and it works. Also when I do a reload in freepbx it does not change this file (all good)

However I still think there is some weirdness.

Two things,
1: when I create an extension and set voicemail to enabled, I can not access the voicemail options until after I have submitted the initial extension details.
2: when I do the mailbox under extension details is created at [email protected] not [email protected] Even if I change the mailbox in freepbx to [email protected] after the fact it will not update my voicemail.conf. Even though in voicemail options it specifies the context as “default”. I have to do this manually.

So you know my setup:
everything is *1.4
updated my (outgoing) internal production box TB 2.3 (jailbroken - I used tom’s scripts back then too) to alpha2.5
built a Piaf 1.3 updated everything including to alpha2.5
updated all modules
installed custom contexts
backed up and then restored my config across.

From 2.3 and 2.4, I’ve never been able to access voice mail for another extension with *98 unless the extension I was calling from had voice mail associated with it. No matter what I did, you get “Login Incorrect.”

It only happens for me if the internal extension I’m calling from does not have a voice mail box. I have never submitted a bug on it because it was not a major issue for me.

just created a new extension in extension mode on beta1 and it works fine, created under the default context.

It seems that it may have something to do with DTMF and the soft phone I use for testing.

All works now :slight_smile:

extensions without a VM box should be able to call VM via *98 and allow those with a mailbox to get mail. I have confirmed it works on my setup as we have several extensions that don’t have VM.

Can you provide some more details please. what mode are you in, deviceanduser? in VM are you using all one context for VM or multiple contexts?

A call trace with an attempt would be good.