2.5 to 2.6 upgrade module says 2.6 is BETA...wrong?

I know there was a post months ago that seemed to indicate 2.6 was final, but the upgrade module says “This module allows a 2.5 system to be upgraded to the 2.6 BETA system.” Is this wording just something that didn’t get updated when 2.6 went final?

The module will update FreePBX to the latest 2.6 version, the description for the was not changed between beta and release.

I know this is a seemingly minor issue, but it seems to happen each and every time an upgrade is released. The upgrade tool comes out and the description says it will upgrade you to BETA, and then it is never updated when the final release comes out because nothing needs to be changed from a functional standpoint.

however, as a user, it is confusing, and it requires that I go to the web site and dig around to find out if the final version has been released. I think it would be well worth the minimal effort required, from a user clarity standpoint, to release an updated upgrade tool when each version goes final.


I completely agree with rymes. While it’s certainly not a big deal, skipping this minor change does make a big difference for the end user.

Thanks for bringing this up - it would be great if it were filed in a trac ticket as it would be much more likely to get noticed and addressed. I agree that it should not say it is beta if it is final!

Done: http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/4028

Now I’m confused though. I don’t have a 2.5 system up to see what it says, but looking at the current module, it doesn’t say it is beta anymore??? So what am I missing?


Should have looked at the ticket or read closer, anyhow, fixed!