2.4.0 Beta 2.2 - minor bugs / oddities

since updating from 2.3 to 2.4 I am seeing a couple of warnings in the FreePBX system status page.

The following commands failed with the listed error
/var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin listonline (255)
Added 2 days, 11 hours, 27 minutes ago

Misc Application: ZoIP
Added 1 days, 16 hours, 7 minutes ago

I don’t know where the times come from, these have been showing since I installed 2.4, a day or two after it was released.

I have no idea re. the cron error.

If I remove zoip from misc applications, the Bad Destination error clears, but Zoip is not available. Adding it back as a misc app (code *10) gets it working and the error re-appears. Really trivial, especially as it does not like UK English, but an oddity all the same.

The ‘Apply configuration changes’ system still does not work with Firefox on Centos 4 (whatever the current versions are via yum upgrade). The popup appears but never becomes ‘clickable’. It works fine from a Windows machine. My workaround was to load Opera on the Centos system (which is the Asterisk/FreePBX server) & that works fine.

I have a CentOS4 based system and firefox and can run it fine, so that part sounds like a config issue. As far as the listonline failing, not sure what is up. The automatic update checking uses the command line version of module_admin to check for updates. If you can manually check for updates then you need to dig a bit deeper.
Zoip was removed in 2.4 and as such, the old version will does not publish information to the destination register about its destinations. This make FreePBX not recognize that destination. To fix that, you need to register the destination as if it was a custom destination using the registry over on the tools tab.