2.3.0Beta2 - php error - Line 210 Char 3

I’m getting the following error on the FreePBX System Status screen (home page):

[code:1]Line: 210
Char: 3
Error: Expected identifier, string or number
Code: 0
URL: http://ipaddy/admin/config.php?type=setup&display=index[/code:1]

The error is persistent and I think maybe related to the FreePBX Notices section. The only functionality impairment I see is when there is a module update available (or other notice) I cannot expand the entries in the Notices area.

Also, all of my statistics show 0, including Phones Online … not sure why this is…?


can you indicate which distro, version of php and a bit more detail like the sequence of steps that result in the error?

Eek! Sorry, was a tad vague wasn’t it.

As for steps to reproduce - simply hit the FreePBX System Status page.

This is 2.3.0 Beta 2 - Core Beta 2.0, Framework Beta 2.1, System Dashboard 0.2.3.

[[email protected] pbdirectory]# php -v
PHP 4.3.11 (cgi) (built: Jul 10 2006 15:19:32)
Copyright © 1997-2004 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v1.3.0, Copyright © 1998-2004 Zend Technologies

Was originally trixbox 2.2.1 distro - I don’t see any php updates (via yum at least):

Installed Packages
php.i386 4.3.11-2.8 installed
php-gd.i386 4.3.11-2.8 installed
php-imap.i386 4.3.11-2.8 installed
php-mbstring.i386 4.3.11-2.8 installed
php-mysql.i386 4.3.11-2.8 installed
php-pear.i386 4.3.11-2.8 installed
php-snmp.i386 4.3.11-2.8 installed
tbm-phpmyadmin.noarch installed
tbm-phpsysinfo.noarch installed
Available Packages
php-devel.i386 4.3.11-2.8 trixbox
php-domxml.i386 4.3.11-2.8 trixbox
php-ldap.i386 4.3.11-2.8 trixbox
php-ncurses.i386 4.3.11-2.8 trixbox
php-odbc.i386 4.3.11-2.8 trixbox
php-pgsql.i386 4.3.11-2.8 trixbox
php-xmlrpc.i386 4.3.11-2.8 trixbox



and you are getting that where? This may require a screendump, still not clear what sequence of events is creating it. If necessary, open a bug report and attach a screenshot so we can see the error, along with repro steps.

It appears at the bottom of IE7 in status bar (page error) with the yellow warning triangle which you can click to see the detail of the error.

Interestingly it doesn’t do it in Firefox and the layout is much better in Firefox too so I think I will stick to using FF. If you would like me to submit a bug I will do with suitable screenshots and explanations.

Sorry for not being clear… :frowning: