2.2b3 and IAX extension error

I am running Trixbox 1.2.3 (asterisk I was running FreePBX 2.1.3 when I upgraded to 2.2b3.

Now, when I go to view one of the extensions I have (IAX2 extension) I get this error on the page:

[code:1]Notice: ‘’ does not exist in array ‘devtechs’ in /var/www/html/admin/components.class.php on line 182[/code:1]

I deleted the extension and re-created it… and the extension doesn’t work properly.

I created a new extension and it works just fine. Going to delete the extension and make sure all traces are gone from the conf files.

Edit: I see I might want to submit a ticket with the Trac (helps if I read the “read the rest of this entry”). I will create one there, too.