2.11 Upgrade Complete?

We recently installed the 2.11 upgrade tool and ran through it as we have many times in the past. However, this time it seems like a bunch of the modules are left at 2.10 versions. Is this correct or is there something we can do to update this. It does not seem to think we need any updates either. This has been the first update to ever cause issues for us :frowning: We are definitely being bit by the IVR/Queue bug though the fix at the last post seems to have “fixed” it for now. I have only included the Admin section below, but they all look like this.


Asterisk CLI FreePBX Enabled
Backup & Restore Schmoozecom.com Enabled
Blacklist FreePBX Enabled
CallerID Lookup FreePBX Enabled
Custom Applications FreePBX Enabled
DUNDi Lookup Registry FreePBX Enabled
Feature Code Admin FreePBX Enabled
FreePBX ARI Framework FreePBX Enabled
FreePBX FOP Framework FreePBX Enabled
FreePBX Framework FreePBX Enabled
FreePBX Localization Updates FreePBX Enabled
Java SSH FreePBX Enabled
Online Support FreePBX Enabled
Phonebook FreePBX Enabled
Phonebook Directory FreePBX Enabled
Recordings FreePBX Enabled
User Panel FreePBX Enabled

Thanks for any feedback on this.

Those version numbers are correct.

How do you get the newer version of Asterisk?

asterisk-version-switch can be run from the cli if you want to switch from say asterisk 1.8 to 10 or 11. It will give you a menu to choose. I just did this tonight and it worked wonderfully. One thing I experienced that you might as well is that my log files were displaying duplicate lines. Not sure if it was the upgrade of FreePBX distro or my switch from Asterisk 1.8 to 11 but if you encounter this issue delete the /etc/asterisk/logger* conf files and then perform a reload from the gui (just go to sip settings and hit submit to get the reload button to appear) and the gui will recreate the logger conf files.

Good Luck!