2.10 support?

Just wondering what the official policy is for supporting different versions of FreePBX? Just as an example there are tickets 6459, 6366 which fix broken dialplan. They have not yet been applied to 2.10 even though it’s the current release, while 2.11 remains in beta/RC and is not fit for production use.

We are just migrating a bunch of systems over from 2.4 to 2.10 and are experiencing a few of these issues for the first time. Would be nice to avoid making our own patches after every upgrade! Previously I thought support was for current and previous versions, i.e. 2.10 and 2.9.

Since 2.11 is RC only security fixes go into 2.10. 2.11 is due out final today or tomorrow.

So after release date only security errors are fixed? Seems not so great if there are dialplan errors found like the bugs I mentioned. I understand there’s a question of how to best use your developers’ resources, but in a commercial setting we can’t always be on the latest cutting-edge release; if we come late to a release and find bugs it would still be nice to have them fixed. Maybe if community members want to submit patches they could get pushed out to users who want them?