2.10 distro upgraded to 2.11, installed Asternic Reports, call monitoring not working

I’ve been running the 2.10 64 bit distro for some time now, asterisk 10. About 3 weeks ago I installed Asternic CDR reports and had to add some custom dial plan and perl script for MixMonitor to work correctly and so that Asternic had it’s own directory to store it’s recordings. However, since installing Asternic the built in User Portal / Call Monitor function has ceased allowing the recordings that I do see to play. And I rarely see the play/download buttons any more, but when I do they do not play using the quicktime plugin, nor when downloaded do they play in Windows Media. It’s just supposed to be a .wav file? I’ve set asternic to just copy the files to it’s own directory, not try and convert them or move them. So I’m posting here in the chances that someone else has any clue as to what’s happening with my recordings?

I checked in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and it seems that the new recordings are being saved differently too now from the last I looked, the format is now /year/month/day/recording.wav. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the Call Monitor module not seeing these recordings or what? Can someone please point me in the right direction? And uninstalling Asternic is not an option as we’ve already paid for it. So I need to have both working.

That has been the format in FreePBX since 2.10.

I wasn’t sure. That may be the case. But I have recordings in the root of /var/spool/asterisk/monitor? If that was the case why are those recordings in the root of that directory, and not like the others?

But the real problem I’m having is in the ARI, the recordings are not showing up any more in the Call Monitor. The recordings pre-install of Asternic Queue Stats are there and they are playable. But any time I see a new recording and try to play it, if they even show. The quicktime plugin launches, and then grays out. Doesn’t play. And when I try to download the file, again when and if they even show in the Call Monitor, they will not play. I’ve not changed the format of the recordings anywhere? So I’ve gone through every script, macro and folder I’ve added during the Asternic install, and I’m not seeing anything that would prevent the ARI from working. I know the recordings are working, because I can listen to them in Asternic, it has a similar play/download format like Call Monitor. However, when I got to the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor dir, locate a day when there should be recordings, I see none. And if I do I’ll see one file, I try and download it, and it doesn’t play. It’s like I don’t have the right codec. But its just supposed to be a .wav file.

I don’t get it…