we recently updated freepbx from version to and our sangoma phones stopped working.
currently all extensions work other than extensions that are sangoma phones in the endpoint manager. we have
verified that these phones have an inconsistent registration status in the asterisk CLI. we also know that
FreePBX works after using the backup config files we have from

we can try to fix this issue on our end but thought Sangoma/Asterisk team may have more info about what changes
between to could have caused this issue.

If this is provable and repeatable, submit a bug report on the specific module involved.

Where do I submit the bug report?

Hi @scstone18 Please make sure you have updated sysadmin RPM(v5.6-5.6.41) as well. Still if not working then submit bug at issues.freepbx.org with details of modules version and if possible steps to reproduce the issue. thanks

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