13.0.15 Cel module update locks up mysql

I just tried running the update from cel 13.0.14 to 13.0.15 and it brings mysql to it’s knees. Strangely it now lists “Registro de Eventos de Llamadas” in the module admin instead of call event logging or whatever it said before. “Registro de Eventos de Llamadas” is still listed as disabled.

I assume you mean .14 to .15.

Try updating to .16 now available.

Oops yes. I replied in the other thread that it still locks up mysql.

I guess I’ll stay in this thread… Here is what it does… then mysql has maxed out the cpu making the system unresponsive. Kinda like an when an index isn’t being used.

StatusPlease wait while module actions are performed
Installing cel
Creating cel if needed..OK
checking for extra field..already exists
checking for userfield field..already deleted
checking for src field..already deleted
checking for dst field..

yeah I am guessing your database is massive. What s the platform?

hp dl385g7 8 core 16gb 1tb

If the correct table is cel there is over 28 million records.

You can drop the column manually. This will resolve the issue.

Thankfully I know how to do that but is that the resolution for all users?

…and why would it be different then letting the php script do it? Either way it will execute…

alter table asteriskcdrdb.cel drop column 'dst';

It will still peg the cpu.

That is true that it will peg the CPU. However those columns create errors on newer versions of mysql. So pick your poison.

Curious. try doing this

use asteriskcdrdb;
select count(*)  from `cel` where `context` like '%tc-maint%';

Past output here.

mysql> select count(*)  from `cel` where `context` like '%tc-maint%';
| count(*) |
|  7032551 |
1 row in set (14.06 sec)

You can delete all of those rows which will speed up your system when installing the cel module

Can I just drop cel? I don’t mind losing the old records if that won’t hurt the system. It’s taking too long to get this update installed.

Did you drop those rows and it’s still taking a long time?

No but to clarify you mean delete only the tc-maint rows?

That is what I mean.

Well I can’t delete them without maxing out the cpu so I guess it doesn’t matter if that happens when I install the module or when I delete the records. Indexes are nice things.

Don’t have to do 7billion at once… set a cron and give it a few days… you need about 175 times at 40K to kill 7,032,551 rows

echo "DELETE from asteriskcdrdb.cel WHERE context LIKE '%tc-maint%' LIMIT 40000" | mysql

40,000 will max your cpu for a few seconds maybe

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