12RC question about asterisk version


i was browsing through the modules and noticed
AsteriskREST Interface Missing Requirements:Requires engine asterisk (>= 12), you have: asterisk 11.12.0

Does FreePBX includes Asterisk upgrades in their update process or is this something that needs to be performed manually ? Thanks in advance.

FreePBX Distro 6 includes asterisk 12.

core show version
Asterisk 11.12.0. and this is latest RC

so i’m running 11 and not 12?

In the process of installing the beta version has the ability to install the asterisk 11,12 and 13


i used the GUI upgrade option and not the ISO install since the server was already preloaded with older version of FreePBX and there’s no KVM access to it only ssh. will future GUI upgrades include asterisk upgrade scripts or does asterisk needs to be updated manually (via ssh)?

Look this: Upgrading frome stable to beta

i use freepbxhosting.com so i’d think their hosting keeps things up to date, but i also think they don’t push beta updates and wait for stable releases. i guess that’s explains why the update is not available on my system.