100% cpu usage

Have a system on a Vultr VM that a day ago just went to 100% CPU usage. looking at htop

php /usr/sbin/fwconsole job --run --quiet is eating up 80-90+ of the CPU percentage constantly.

restored the system from a snapshot from 1/24/23 and it’s still doin it. I suspect a vm issue but wanted to post here to see if anyone else seeing this (none of my other system seem to be doing it) or has an idea what’s going on.

Looks like it’s the new calendar module update. I restored from the 1/24/23 backup and everything ran fine. Started updating the modules one by one to see if any of them kicked off the CPU spike and as soon as I updated the calendar module it kicked…

forced downgrade of the calendar module via fwconsole to version 16.0.21
issued a fwconsole restart

CPU returned to normal

Will report a bug.

Welp… tried to report a bug but the link to the issue is still broken… anyone have the proper updated link?

Calendar version 16.0.28 causes 100% CPU usage with php /usr/sbin/fwconsole job --run --quiet

This was mentioned here: Calendar module update 16.0.28

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@ashcortech please see my post at Calendar module update 16.0.28 - #10 by Massi_X so I can debug the problem

Thank you

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