10 unsigned modules and 1 broken after upgrade

I’m running FreePBX Distro and just upgraded from 5.211.65 to 6.12.65.

After reboot, I have 10 unsigned modules and 1 broken module.

I ran the following:

amportal chown
amportal a ma refreshsignatures
amportal a reload

but no change. In fact, in the results of the refresh signatures, I saw these two weird bits:

Checking isymphony...Signature Invalid
Could not find signed module on remote server! 
Checking ivr...Good
Checking ivrpro...Signature Invalid
Could not find signed module on remote server!

I also see that I have a broken module: fw_ari

I’m feeling pretty nervous about this new build, but so far I can still place and receive calls, so I’m not rolling back just yet.

Any thoughts? I’m happy to redownload, but as that is not an option in the module admin I’m a bit lost as to what I should do next to get myself into an ideal scenario.

Ari is no longer supported, and you should be using UCP (which is why it’s not there. Also, UCP is awesome, really, everyone loves it)

iSymphony and ivrpro are commercial modules that we don’t upgrade. You can do them yourself through module admin.




When I attempted removing ARI I received a warning that it couldn’t be removed, but apparently the attempted removal must have flushed something out, as it no longer shows up in my module admin and is no longer showing an error, huzzah!

Thank you again for your quick reply, all lights are green again and that makes me feel much better about the system.

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