1 yealink phone wont register

I have a really strange case…I have 1 yealink phone that won’t register to freepbx for some reason. it was registered this morning, but they wanted to move it to a different room. I unplugged it, moved it to the other room, plugged it in & every since I’ve been getting register failed. Plugged my laptop into the same ethernet jack & fired up Bria 5 softphone, put in the sip account the yealink is using & it connected just fine. Also, I have one other yealink phone on this same lan & it is working fine. I also reset the phone to factory defaults & then re-provisioned it thru epm, it provisioned fine, pulled down its config and rebooted, but still register failed.

freepbx 13
yealink sip-t29g
netgear r6220 router
charter/spectrum isp dynamic ip

how to troubleshoot this…very strange issue?

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