1 out of 5 calls are failing

I am experiencing a strange issue. my inbound routes are working however 1 out of every 5 call fails. My did routes to an internal extension. on the fail calls I see the error

[2023-04-13 20:46:49] NOTICE[2563][C-00000090]: chan_sip.c:26602 handle_request_invite: Call from ' ’ ( to extension ‘+16023627646’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-trunk-sip-’.
Scheduling destruction of SIP dialog ‘968ebe[email protected]’ in 32000 ms (Method: INVITE)strong text

Failed call



Succesfull call


Twilio sends calls from various IP addresses (load balancing, failover, etc.); see

The call sent from succeeded but the one sent from failed.

Normally, using a pjsip trunk, you would set Match (Permit) to so calls from any of the four addresses would be recognized as belonging to the trunk.

However, you’re running an old system with Asterisk 13, when pjsip was not yet mature, so the trunk was set up with chan_sip. Is it feasible to upgrade to a system running at least Asterisk 16?

If not (you’re stuck with chan_sip), you could set up four trunks with different host= parameters, but otherwise identical including context=from-trunk.

ok completed the upgrade were do ia put the parameters on the new pjsipturnk?

In pjsip Settings → Advanced for the trunk, you should see an entry
Match (Permit)
If that doesn’t appear, perhaps your version of Core is out of date.

ok upgraded to 16…I now have pjsip trunks, but I dont know how to configure it. I try creating a tunks and it did not work. pehaps I am not putting the values in the correct location

SIP Server Port should be left blank, or set to 5060. After changing that, report whether you can register. If you can but can’t call, try setting From Domain to the same value you have in SIP Server.

still no go i get an intercept from astirisk “All circuits are busy” If I disabel it and re-enable to old on it works. I know is something simple that I must be missing.

If registration ok, try setting From User to the same value as you have in Username. If no luck, paste a log including pjsip logger.

If registration falls, paste log of an attempt.

This error is everything you need to know. Show us that +16023627646 actually exists in this custom context you’re use from-trunk-sip- because that’s the problem. Also why is all this chan_sip but I see chan_pjsip settings below?

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