1 Extension has weak secret

Hello all,

I’ve had my FreePBX up and running for several months now, and it works perfect! I do have 1 persistent error “1 Extension/trunk has weak secret”. The error was created when I was first setting up my pbx and has been stuck in the system ever since. The extension no longer exists, and even if I create it and give it a proper secret, the error persists.

I know this has been solved before, but my total lack of Linux experience has thwarted my attempts to duplicate the solution so my question is: will upgrading to FreePBX 15 clear the error? Does the upgrade process clear or rebuild the “Notifications Table?”


Not necessarily but from bash:-

mysql asterisk -e “delete from notifications”


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Well why the heck did I avoid posting here for the last 6 months!

I thought it was going to be some complicated solution, which I’ve found in my searches and never been able to make work, but that was fixed in seconds!

Thanks very much!


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