1:1 Video with SC and ZD

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I think it’s a Firewall issue but I can’t figure out what I am missing - I used this document Zulu 3 Installation - Zulu UC - Documentation (freepbx.org) to set it up.

Do we still need Chan_SIP enabled - I do have that turned off. It’s in the Wiki to have both channel drivers enabled, but I am switching all my machines to pure PJSIP.

I have all the other ports opened and defaulted.

If you call from SC to ZD, ZD gets both sides of the Video but SC only get’s audio - but it is sending Video - ZD shows both the preview and the video from SC.

Anybody else using this? I am about to deploy it and I hate demoing things and having to say “Yes, this button is here, but it doesn’t work” - it’s awkward! :wink:

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