0 for operator

How do you set up an account for operator? When you dial 0. Is it an extension or do you put it in your IVR? I am trying to set up VmX™ Locator and it has Press 0 for operator.

there are many ways to do it. Let’s see: Create a extension with the number 0, go to the general settings, find the line for Operator and fill it in, Create a ring group, …

My guess would be create a ring group “0”, and then include the extension(s) that you want to act as operator extensions. Of course you could also send “0” from the IVR to ring group “0” so you are covered both ways.

Ring group is probably the easiest to deal with when you take long term management into account. As the person doing that job might go on vacation and it’s quick and easy to make it somebody else and change it back when done. But I can think of at least 5 different ways of doing it.

tried making a ring group 0 but was return with, “Invalid Group Number specified”

u don’t actually have to pick ‘0’ for the ring group, just go with the next one default that’s created 60x and then in IVR assign that 60x group to the number ‘0’ that’s pressed.