"_.,1" in dialplan from Freepbx and Asterisk Crashes


I’m experiencing the well known asterisk problem of attended call transfers crashes when in the dialplan is present the string “_.,1,” instead of “_x.,1,”

Unfortunately, freepbx generated dialplan (extensions.conf and extensions_additional.conf) is full of this strings.

Is there any way i can get rid of those strings changing them permanently with the syntax that makes asterisk do not crash on attended transfer?

Thanks in advance and forgive my poor english


If Asterisk is crashing on an attended transfer, then check your version of Asterisk. The “." syntax is not something should make Asterisk crash and if it is there is a bug in Asterisk. The ".” syntax is completely legal in Asterisk, and in fact the warnings that are generated with the suggested changes are incorrect, in some places could break dialplan, and in fact are also completely warned against in other Asterisk documentation. (We are actually engaging in them to clean up those warnings to be ‘proper’ … the history of those goes back to VERY OLD versions of Asterisk that did not follow proper rules when using “_.” and have long been corrected (since many years).