Zulu with PBXACT cannot connect to the server

Half our users are successfully connected to the Zulu mobile app. The rest get the message that they cannot connect to the server. I suspect it might be because the new users recently downloaded the app and the others had the app from before. I further suspect that the reason might be because the certificate has expired. I tried to renew it but get an error updating the certificate. Something about an acme challenge. I have no idea if this is the problem or what the solution is. ANy help would be much appreciated.

Hi !In order to renew the certificate you need to open port 80, so if you are behind your router, forward port 80 to your PBX.
Also, upgrade your certman and firewall modules, if not you will have to open 80 to the world when you renew the cert (this is done automatically when using latest certman module)

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Under Port management I see that the service name Lets Encrypt has port 80 under the Insecure Port and that goes with HTTP only which cannot be changed. I dont see where or how to upgrade the Certman and Firewall modules. We have had the PBXACT for only a few weeks however.

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