Zulu win desktop client change of default behaviour

Has the Windows Zulu client changed so that it now by default only shows a call popup when the call is answered? I was trying to debug why I wasn’t getting call popups anymore and I had a look in the settings and a new(?) setting was now turned on for show call popup after call answered. It’s kind of linked to this question about the Zulu changelog I guess!

hmm, looks like it (the new version) has also changed the preference for call using the desk phone rather than the softphone.

This was a huge loss for us. It basically invalidated Zulu for us. We were looking to use Zulu initially just for the popups, and it was working, post update they took away the function for popups to come before answering.

They mentioned making it a selectable option (popups before or after answer), but that was quite some time ago with nothing ever to come of it. Several hundred potential license sales gone. Longer term it seemed like a great way to sell Zulu.

Many businesses already had phones or softphones that they were comfortable with or were cheaper for them, but wanted pop ups. You could sell Zulu on the popup feature alone, then when integrated, remind them that the tool they already have installed would take care of their phone calls too.

The other thing I wish it had was call control buttons for contact center agents (ability to deploy several pause & reason codes). These would bring the tool to a much more attractive sale state. I’ve submitted feature requests, but to be honest I’ve never seen progress on anything I’ve reported/suggested. Resources are limited and this dose not seem to be the priority for now.

We wound up going with another vendor (Primas), that quickly deployed popups for us. Worked very well.

I THINK popups before answer are now working again. I can’t be sure, because I think there have been c. three Zulu client releases in as many weeks(?) and each one seems to have adjusted how the popups work and even possibly tweaked the user’s preferences for them? Can’t be sure about that last bit. But certainly the middle update seemed to disable popups before answer and the last update seemed to restore that as an option which you have to manually disable to enable.

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That is great to hear. We will take a look.

I really would like to see Click2Call connect to Softphone iOS App. We use iOS and 4G to make all our calls due to internet speed. Its so time consuming manually typing in every number.

Either have the official Zulu Chrome Extension do so… or enable the built in Zoho CRM Click2Call work with Zulu (of which is currently only rings on computer and not Zulu iOS App which is off)