Zulu - Video Calling


Hi All,

Does anyone know if Zulu video calling is only supported on FreePBX 15? It isn’t there for 14, so wanted to check before trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


(Richard Smith) #2

It should work in v14, there is no significant difference in the Zulu between those 2 versions that I’m aware of.


Thanks Richard, I’ll play around some more tomorrow then. K.

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

Check asterisk version, you want to be on current asterisk 16.


Bah, that explains it! Thanks.

(Richard Smith) #6

Thanks @lgaetz meant to add about checking asterisk version!


Hi again, Lorne.

It’s still not showing video or screenshare options, I’m afraid.

Asterisk Version: 16.13.0
Zulu Client: v3.5.2+215
Zulu Server:
PBX: v14.0.13.40

I have reinstalled Zulu since and all modules are up to date.

Any ideas?

Thanks, K.

(Richard Smith) #8

Is the video codec enabled in SIP settings? Also does the user have permissions in User Management?


Video Support > Enabled: h264 and mpeg4.
What permissions does the user need? Zulu is enabled.

(Richard Smith) #10

You are correct, I was thinking of SMS not video in User Management


It’s a 20 user licence, so I’ll open a ticket tomorrow if I can’t figure it out. Cheers!