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I want to pass channel variables to my Zulu endpoints, but I am having trouble figuring out how to do this. I see where to put in a URL. I don’t understand the format that I should use to accomplish this. I don’t have a preformatted webpage. I was hoping that I could just pop up the variables in a blank browser page.

Any ideas?

${VARIABLE} works just fine.

Like this?
Nothing happens. I think this is probably because our organization’s default browser is IE? Is there a way that anyone is aware of that Zulu could override the default browser and force Chrome?

That’s not a fully qualified url. How are you expecting this to work?

I don’t have a CRM, but I want channel variables presented to the answering agent via web browser (anyway really that would put it on their screen). In the above example I referenced CallerID, but in reality there are 3-4 variables I would love to pass.

The documentation seems to indicate you can do this? How do I do it?

“Call Pop

Ideal for CRM and Help Desk Integration, Call Pop will automatically open your desktop web browser on an inbound call with all the information of the caller. This feature helps users expedite phone calls and provide the caller with the best customer service experience.”

You need to enter a full qualitied url. Entering just random variables isn’t going to give you anything.

Does it launch google?

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But maybe

might help your comprehension thingy.

Sadly no, but thanks for trying to reach me dicko. :slight_smile:

What I am trying to get at is how do I get the variables to pop up in the browser so that an agent can consume them?

I can put made up domains in the FreePBX URL field, like: http://www.google.com/thing.php?stuff=${CALLERID(num)}

It will pass the the URL to the default browser as I would expect: http://www.google.com/thing.php?stuff=1111111111

The browser says, page can’t be displayed, expected that too.

I am just asking for insight on how to make call pop work for a Zulu demo that would lead to a perspective purchase.

Is there a generic fully qualified domain that I can add the variables to that will give me the effect that I am looking for? The effect I am looking for is a pop up on the agents screen that will show them some of the channel variables.

Is it not possible without additional tools beyond Zulu and a browser?

The “page” aka the url, needs to accept and process your request (get post whatever), google just can’t do that directly, you need your own URL (https://cybersleuth.com/IknowwhatIamdoing) that will handle such get/posts , and you will need to actually build that URL to do what you want.

So the basic answer is a definite NO, not possible, you need additional knowledge, tools and any browser you care to support

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Got it, that’s what I was beginning to think. Thanks dicko. Not your issue but I would think Sangoma could be a little clearer in the marketing.

How would you propose this? We add variables to urls. It’s up to you to process them. What are you looking for in particular.

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