Zulu UC windows app sound issue

we are testing Zulu UC 2 free licenses, we have created 1 user and trying to call the voicemail,

on Zulu UC android app we hear the voice normally,

on Zulu windows app there is no audio, from my reading I saw that only port 8002 and 8089 for zulu 3, should we open also RTP port ? any one can share from his experience in zulu,

Hi @naimghs Yes. You need to open the RTP ports as well.

Zulu 3 no longer requires port 8089; just port 8002 and RTP ports.

thank you, we will try it, however this is normal that the android app can work over 1 port without opening RTP, is it designed to send all traffic under 8002 port

Another issue, in FreePBX 15 we notice that RTP is accepted only from IP addresses listed in the Localnet section under Asterisk SIP settings, so if our windows client is working over Internet we cannot receive RTP packets, maybe this is another topic but it is related somehow to Zulu desktop app RTP issue, is there a way to disable Localnet settings ?

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